Hooray! We (Buffer) Started A Customer Experience Blog

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It’s time.

We’re doing it.

After years of pondering and anticipating a launch into sharing thoughts, advice and learnings about customer support topics, the Buffer team is stoked to announce that:

Today, we’re starting a customer-focused blog.

If you follow Buffer’s Social or Open Blog, you might have come across this placeholder:

It didn’t go unnoticed by CV in 2014…

…or Hector in 2017.

“A while” was a nice way for Hector to casually refer to the 3 years that placeholder has been present. We’ve been asked many times when we would jump into it, and today is the day!

So, why did it take us so long to produce content for this waiting “Happiness” section?

It’s not because the Customer Advocacy team (formerly known as the Happiness team) didn’t want to share thoughts about all things customer support. We love what we do, and we certainly love chatting with all of you about it!

Let’s chat briefly about why we waited 3 years.

After thinking of the possibility to start a customer-focused blog, we just never felt the time was right. We prioritized supporting our customers over sharing our deeper customer-experience based learnings, because that’s what we felt we could handle in the moment.

And, to be really raw with you, there’s always the hesitation to get things juuuuuust right before starting, along with the pressure we put on ourselves to be consistent. Perhaps we even let our Imposter Syndrome take hold.

Where will we go from here?

Where will we post? Our Customer Advocates are excited to use Medium as a venue for sharing thoughts and learnings for now. In the future, we might even share some posts on our Open blog or even in a Customer Experience (formerly seen in the drop-down as “Happiness”) area of the Buffer blog.

Who will post? We’ve decided to broadcast all team voices (including those outside of the Customer Advocacy team) who have a desire to share their thoughts; we’re not limiting publishing to designated crafters. We believe that all team members have something valuable and worthy to share. Whether they write the posts themselves or ask for a hand in crafting a post around their unique thoughts, we’ll get them out for you to read.

How often will we post? Our goal right now is to publish every other Tuesday. Supporting our customers is always our first priority; if we miss a post, we’ll be back soon!

What will we post? We have thoughts about what we might talk about, and we’d love any suggestions you have. Feel free to share those in the comments below.

For now, these are some of what we have in mind:

  • Providing support to customers in the areas of live chat, email, and social media;
  • Changes or interesting notes about Buffer’s Customer Advocacy teamstructure;
  • Our support learnings, triumphs and failures;
  • Thoughts and advancements in the realm of customer experience;
  • Highlighting what other companies are doing in this industry and what we can learn from them;
  • Our journey exploring Customer Success;
  • Customer support team management;
  • …anything else that falls into the realm of loving, serving and learning from our customers.

And, so it begins.

At Buffer as a whole, we are thrilled to begin this journey with you and the whole support community! We’d love to hear from you in the comments below: What would you like to see from us as we head into this new venture?

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