Men on Pinterest: Yea or Nay?

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[I wrote this post for Road Warrior Creative’s blog. Read the full post here.]


Well, what we do know is that more women are on Pinterest than men. In fact, Pew Internet recently announced that 44% of all adult female Internet users are on Pinterest while only 16% of all male Internet users are on the platform.

It’s not entirely clear from stats at this moment, but it’s likely that many of those men are also business owners.

Pew Internet’s 2015 Stats:

pew pinterest stats

Pinterest Stats from Pew Internet



What have they figured out that others haven’t?

Well, perhaps they’ve found that the best recipes of all can be found on Pinterest, and that’s very true. But, potentially there’s more to it. That’s what we’re here to chat about! Should all male business owners be on Pinterest?

I won’t make that argument here. However, it’s worth taking a quick read to ensure you’re positive about whether or not you should take the Pinterest plunge.


You’ve heard that consumers need to see advertisements 7 times before it sticks with them, and Pinterest can be one of the most influential encounters for your prospective female customers.

The large and vibrant pictures, the clear text, the click to blow it up, the click to open the link, the click to add it to one of their boards, plus the time they (might) take to add a description to it all adds to their experience with your product.

What a dream it would be to have your product in front of you customers when they are at home in their pajamas, drinking a glass of wine and searching the web. Even better yet, you’re not throwing an advertisement in their face.

Instead, you are letting them choose you out of a line-up, you are letting them choose where to put your product within their life (their boards), and thus, they are beginning their relationship with you — a relationship they chose.


What other platform allows you to sit on posts before sending them out? Well, although this could be argued, it’s a stretch. Most cater to quick thinking and impulsive action.

Ever wish you had more time to ponder your marketing before releasing it? Secret Boards can be the key to this! Not only can you stock up your pins to make them cohesive and slick before releasing them, but you can also collaborate with others to make the board primo before it airs.

Jeff Sieh of Manly Pinterest Tips is known for his love of Secret Boards. In addition to using them for business, he has a Secret Board that he shares with his daughter so they can collaborate together on activities they want to do with one another or send one another recipes they’re eager to make.

A few Secret Board quick tips/facts:

  • Pinterest allows you as many Secret Boards as you’d like.
  • Once a board is moved from Secret to public, it cannot go back.
  • They are super simple to set up:

If you’re looking for a no-risk way to try out Pinterest, this is the way to go.

…[To see the other 3 reasons men should be on Pinterest, visit this post on Road Warrior Creative’s blog, click here!]

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