Part 2 of 2: 10 Ways to Use Twitter as Your Greatest Community Builder

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Psst… This post was originally published on Road Warrior Creative.

We’re back on for the final five ways to use Twitter as your greatest community builder.  If you missed part one, you can read it here.

We just need to tap into the right areas to focus. Here are five more of the greats!


Now, you can determine what constitutes as “best” and how exclusive you want to be, but perhaps think of adding those who have shown an interest in your company. They will likely feel honored you paid enough attention to them to invite them over. How does “[Insert your company name here]’s MVP List” sound? Has a ring, right?!

Kimberly Reynolds of Social Media Examiner creates the Social Media Marketing World Attendees Lists every year. This year she opened the SMMW16 Attendees List. How amazing would it be to reward those who paid for your conference by retweeting and replying to their content? What proactive customer service! You can easily do this if they are all in one tight list.

Social Media Marketing World's 2016 Twitter List, greatest community builder

Separately, how beneficial could it be to revisit last year’s list to tweet your former attendees to ask how they’ve been and if they’ve thought of coming back this year? OK, so if they weren’t too fond of your conference, they might feel a bit annoyed. However, if they loved it, they’d likely feel honored you reached out personally!

Not only will pulling all of your best interactors’ tweets help you open up more dialogue with them, but it will also allow you to discover and even respond to their likes, dislikes and desires in order to best serve them with your products or services in the future.


We tend to stick to what we’re great at, but sometimes this doesn’t lend to much variety. If you’re a “just the facts, ma’am” gas station owner, you might tend to only post informational tweets. However, you’re also probably missing a huge opportunity to really connect with your audience due to the lack of personality, or “human factor”. If you are a fun-lovin’ fitness coach, but only tweet funny quips about your day-to-day, you’ll likely have some great interaction, but not much respect for your authority in the fitness industry.

You get that too much of a good thing isn’t great, right? That said, think about mixing up the tone and content of your tweets. Send out a mix of tweets, including ones that are informational, conversational, sales-based and fun!

OshKosh B’gosh is an amazing example of how you can mix it up. They vary their tweets between questions, asking for RTs, informing followers of sales or contests and adding in the fun!


OshKosh B’gosh sent this easy-to-answer question to their followers. People love to share about themselves, so this is a great one! Notice that they included a brand #hashtag. Great use of it!

Question OshKosh Twitter greatest community builder


Informational posts are more traditionally catered to providing a deeper look into one area of the company’s industry or something that would be useful for the brand’s ideal customer. For OshKosh B’gosh, this might come in the way of how fabrics are dyed, who manufactures their product, styling tips, or anything moms and dads would enjoy. Here’s one of my favorites.

OshKosh B'gosh "The Cookie Jar" blog post greatest community builder


Have you heard of the 80/20 Rule?  If not, here it is:

Although this one doesn’t blatantly say, “Buy me now!”, it is still aimed at sales and counts as part of the 20%. If OshKosh B’gosh only tweeted these types of posts, they likely wouldn’t have much engagement.

osh kosh informational greatest community builder


How amazing would it be to see a brand that you love repost your content and tag you? OshKosh B’gosh regularly features their customers via retweets. Not only does this have a profound impact on that customer, but it also shows others how much your brand is loved and potentially encourages them to tweet you with some love!

osh kosh fun greatest community builder


Have you participated in one of these? It’s definitely enticing! When scrolling through their Twitter feed, most stop at this eye-catcher and take the few seconds to play along. Polls can be a fantastic community builder by bonding your community with humor (if you create a fun-loving poll) and likeness (if they have the same answers as others). Plus, it might provoke them to come back seeing more polls down the line. Because it only takes a split second to interact, your followers are much more likely to give you some love here. Not to mention, everyone wants to know which answer is winning, and they can only find out if they cast their vote.

When it’s finished, tweet a few separate times about the results and then possibly write a blog post on the topic with your poll as evidence within. Oh, and don’t forget to tweet about your blog post several times, of course!

Klout poll greatest community builder
I just had to vote so I could see what the majority thought…

Klout poll results screen shot greatest community builder

To honor Road Warrior Creative who published my post first, would you be up for finishing reading it there?

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