Top 5 Facebook Tips For Marketers

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We all just want our goods to be seen, right? You likely spend 1-5 hours planning out your social media content for the month, perhaps even longer if you’re filming videos and creating graphics. All you want is for that hard work to be presented to your followers on a glossy, blue Facebook platter eager to be consumed.

Sometimes you send out that platter too soon, too late or… eek! – with red meat for a pescatarian. (Tell me: did I go too far with that metaphor?) Point is, we need to know what to serve when so we can entertain those who will appreciate it most.

Check out these 5 in-depth Facebook tips to get you reaching more of your audience. Are these quick fixes? Some, but not all. Know that it takes a bit of research and experimenting, but once you’re in the groove, you’re in it!


Facebook has really up’d their game with video. With their release of live streaming video, it’s clear they want to be #1 in visual social entertainment and connection. This also translates into their algorithm’s preferential treatment of video vs. other content in the News Feed and their commitment to help you get it right. Of course, they tailor content to each individual, meaning if a person rarely engages videos on a regular basis, Facebook might make an acceptation here. Overall, we can say that video has a high likelihood of being distributed in friends’ and followers’ News Feeds over other content.

Let’s check out a couple of great organic videos:

facebook organic video example - facebook tips

facebook organic video example - facebook tips

The great news is that the videos don’t always have to be your own. It’s fantastic if you create your own videos. Your followers will love it, and you can really create some amazing rapport, but it’s not 100% necessary. Finding popular or even viral videos can be super helpful to increasing reach. This is so easy – promise me you’ll try it this week. Find a YouTube video or (better yet) a Facebook originated video that has had amazing reach and share or repost it with attribution to the originator on your page. Ooh… I must note that it’s also extremely important that this content be in line with your content so that your followers aren’t thrown a curve ball. It should compliment what you’re already putting out there.

Here are some great examples of video shares:

example of facebook shared video - facebook tips

example of a facebook shared video - facebook tips


If videos are king, images are… you got it! Queen. They’re still powerful (and beautiful, of course), but they don’t always make the final decision.

It’s improbable that you’ll be able to post video for every post. It’s a lot easier to post photos or graphic images than to drum up video content. In fact, it’s encouraged that an image accompany every post if you have the means (and as I’ll show you, you likely do!)

We’ll get into the nitty-gritty in a later post, but let’s get you started with a sheer overview of easy grab-it-and-go images and graphic image creators you can use with very little training:

  • Your own photos! As long as your phone has pretty great photo clarity, feel free to snap and share (iPhones are awesome for this, but I’m partial because I have one.)

picture of someone sitting on a couch with sketchers on - facebook tips

gratisography photos - facebook tips

  • Pablo by Buffer. This tool uses the Unsplash database and allows you to add two blocks of text + an image overlay (like a logo). It’s super quick and easy.

pablo by buffer dashboard - facebook tips

  • Canva. This is a bit more robust with a lot more bells and whistles, so if you’re looking for a more involved graphic, this might be your match.

canva dashboard - facebook tips

  • PicMonkey. Very similar to Canva without the pre-made templates and with the added capability of editing photos within the platform.

picmonkey dashboard - facebook tips


This is always a tricky one, and because analytics only show how well (or how not so well) your strategy has been so far, the nature of the beast is that you’ll want to experiment a bit to really nail down what works well for you.

That said, experimentation isn’t as straight-forward as it might sound, because the constantly changing Facebook Algorithm is just that… constantly changing! Therefore, posts that used to work well with your audience might all of a sudden be hidden from their News Feeds. Don’t let that force you to give up! Instead, take this knowledge as mind-opening and simply draw a strategy that allows you to do the best you can and revisit as time goes by.

If you’re looking to figure all of this out manually, head over to your page Insights.

facebook insights - facebook tips

Click on “Posts”:

facebook when to post graph - facebook tips

Ah! Look at that fantastic graph! There are three tabs reflecting when your fans are online, what post types do best for you and the top posts from pages that you’re stalking, ahem, watching. ?

To determine when you should be posting, the first tab showing you when your fans are online is best to investigate.

The graph shows an overall trend over the week, but when you hover over each bar graph, you’ll see the exact metrics for that day.

discovering when to post on facebook graph - facebook tipsdiscovering when to post on facebook graph - facebook tips

discovering when to post on facebook graph - facebook tipsdiscovering when to post on facebook graph - facebook tips

You’ll want to look for the peek times your fans are online. Posting at these times will give you the best chances of each one of them seeing your content. Based on this graph, if I wanted to post 4 times a day, I’d likely choose 8:00am, 10:00am, 11:00am and 3:00pm. If the daily graphs varied a bit more, I might even change it up per day.

Play around with it! There is no full-proof answer. Test, assess after two weeks, test, assess after two weeks… and then do it again.

There are a couple tools that can help you assess (like Wishpond and Buffer), but Facebook makes this super simple to do this, so definitely start there.

To honor Road Warrior Creative who published my post first, would you be up for reading tips #4 and 5 there?

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