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Entrepreneurs need to be able to do EVERYTHING, right?! Well, kind of… Entrepreneurs really need to learn how to outsource the tasks they don’t believe they have the time to take on themselves. Get back to using your unique skill set and let me take on the tasks you want to pass on.


  • Creating screen share videos with voiceover. Examples completed in the past: how to use a membership website, how to use Canva to design a Fb cover page, and how to use the VSco Cam application on iPhone.
  • Researching and writing blog posts that reflect your brand voice. I will study and discuss your brand voice so I am in line with how you want to be represented to your readers.
  • Customer service that will leave your customers proud to be part of your organization. I work to master the tone of your communication so you can do what you do best while I handle the front line.
  • What else are you looking for? Just ask and we can investigate the options together.

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